Discussion Questions Bridget Jones’s Diary July August September

Discussion Questions for Group 6: CL, RL, AR, HW

1. Why, after a failed relationship with Daniel, does Bridget continue to focus on finding a male partner so that she can form a “functional relationship?” (164). Why doesn’t she focus solely on herself?

2. Even though Bridget’s parents are still separated, Pam, Bridget’s “Mum,” still feels the need to shove Mark Darcy down Bridget’s throat in the hopes that the two will date. Pam even tells Bridget that he describes her as “‘bizarre'” (182), and yet she presses Bridget to attend the ruby wedding celebration Darcy is throwing for his parents .

What do Pam’s actions imply about her attitude toward Bridget? Why does she feel Darcy would be a good catch for Bridget even though he characterizes her as “bizarre?”

3. When the wrong word ruins everything: As Bridget begins to make-out with twenty-something Gav, he touches her stomach and say, “Mmm. You’re all squashy” (190).

How does Bridget react to those words, and why do you feel she responds that way? How do her age and insecurities impact how she reacts? Do you agree or disagree with her reaction?

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4 Responses to Discussion Questions Bridget Jones’s Diary July August September

  1. MP says:

    In response to question one I believe Bridget is incapable of feeling complete without a man. All of her actions are done in the pursuit of getting a guy. Because her relationship has failed with Daniel, she perceives it as she herself has failed. Despite the fact that Daniel was the one who cheated on her, rather than expressing anger she turns her aggression inward trying to reinvent herself. With all of her dinner parties with her married friends, she feels that she is behind or moving at a slower pace. By forming a functional relationship with a man, Bridget would be able to enter the next phase of her life which the majority of her friends are already in.

    • AC says:

      I agree completely with Mary Ann. I think that Bridget doesn’t know who she is, and she doesn’t think that she will until she has a man to rely on. She sees every other woman with a man by her side, and she feels like she is less of a woman for not having one, which is why she needs a “functional relationship”.

  2. AT says:

    In reference to question 3, Bridget pretty much freaks out after Gav calls her “squashy”. I would say that is a pretty good reaction or at least any girl would have that reaction. No girl wants to be called that especially in the middle of kissing someone. At the same time this shows that not all guys want the stick thin girls that people expect them to want. Bridget has been striving to lose this weight because she thinks it will get her a relationship with the perfect man when really some guys do not mind it as much. I would say her weight is her main insecurity which is why she reacts so strongly. She thinks he is insulting her but I think he actually likes her.

  3. HC says:

    1. I think Bridget is like a woman who wants to be rescued by a perfect man. As she becomes 30, she is more under pressure by society and her mother. So when her relationship with Daniel fails, she cannot help but find another perfect man because without a man in her life at age 30, she felt like she was going to be alone for the rest of her life as time goes by. Therefore, her fear of living alone for the rest of her life did not let her focus on herself but find another perfect man as soon as possible so that she can picture with in the future.

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