Discussion Questions for Dark Lover CHs 11-20

Discussion Questions for Group 11: JC, KH, KM, and KP

1.  “She suddenly needed some space, and Wrath let her go as they walked into a lemon-colored room.  Her feet slowed. The place looked like a museum or something she’d expect to see in Architectural Digest…She glanced down at the carpet.  The thing was probably worth more than her apartment” (133).

Darius’s house is described multiple times as being very elaborate.  How does this setting contrast with the actions and appearance of the other members of the brotherhood?  What does it tell us about Darius’s character?

2.   “Marissa wanted to see into his mind, an invasion she’d never risked for fear of his taking offense. But now everything was different. Maybe he would even kiss her after he finished. Make love to her. Maybe she could stay with him now. She would like to liv at Darius’s with him. Or wherever. It didn’t matter.

“She closed her eyes and reached out to his thoughts.

“Only to see the female he was really thing of. The human female. Only to see the female he was really thinking of.  The human female” (159).

Why do you think Marissa has held on to the fantasy of Wrath and her being together for so long?  How do you think this is going to affect Wrath and Beth?

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