Welcome to ENGH 202 Why Women Read Romance Spring 2013

Three Reading Women in a Summer Landscape by Krouthen 1908

Three Reading Women in a Summer Landscape by Krouthen 1908

Welcome to ENGH 202, Why Women Read Romance! If you are reading this post, you have found our course website.

Please look over the site to get a sense of the course, the novels we will be reading, and the course syllabus and schedule.

Download the files containing the syllabus and schedule so that you have them on your computer, or print them out so that you can reference them. Read both documents carefully since they contain the course policies and course requirements.

You are on the Class Blog page, the page where you get a chance to start a discussion or continue one we have in class. As part of your presentation requirement, you will get a chance to submit discussion topics to this blog, and anyone in the class can respond.


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