Discussion Questions Lover Eternal CHs 1-13

1. “So, again, I have to ask myself, are you worth it? You’re only three years into the society. You’re strong, you’re effective, but you’re proving impossible to control. I put you with Primes because I assumed you’d fall in line with their level of excellence and temper yourself. Instead you killed them” (55-56).

"I bought a new deodorant. *Walks past sister* 'You smell good, just like baby powder.' I'm buying a new deodorant. I refuse to smell like a lesser."

Black Dagger Brotherhood Confession #435 The Lessers, from brotherhoodconfessions.tumblr.com

Why is Mr. X so disappointed in O? What are Mr. X’s future intentions with O, based on what this dialogue? How do you think Mr.X would have reacted if he believed what O had said about the killings? How may have Mr. X handle the situation differently?

2a. “And she didn’t look like a party, either. The unremarkable hair growing out of her head was pulled back tight and cinched in a scrunchie. The creamy Irish knit sweater she had on was baggy and warm. Her khakis were comfortable, and her flat were brown and scuffed at the toes. She probably looked like the mother she would never be” (80).

How would you describe how Mary is feeling about her dinner date plans based on her appearance?

2b. “He was blond. Movie-star beautiful. And monumental in a black leather trench coat.His shoulders were broad as the door he’d come through, his legs so long he was taller than anyone in the place. And as he strode through the knot of people in the entrance, the other men looked down or away at their watches, as if they knew they couldn’t measure up to what he had going on” (81).

Rhage Fan Fantasy

Fan fantasy pic of Rhage

What impact did Rhage have on the restaurant’s atmosphere? In which way is the theory of hyper-masculinity and alpha-male dominance in this novel pronounced based on this exert? Describe the author’s intent behind exemplifying the differences in appearance of each character.


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