Discussion Questions Lover Eternal CHs 14 – 23

Pontiac GTO from FastCoolCars.com

Pontiac GTO from FastCoolCars.com

1. “Mary put her window down, letting the air rush in. The blast tangled in her hair and chilled her cheeks and woke her out of the numbness she’d been in since she’d left the doctor’s. She started laughing, and even though she could hear the edge of hysteria in her voice, she didn’t care. She stuck her head out into the cold, screaming wind. And let the man and the car carry her away” (131).

Why does Mary insist that Rhage accelerate his engine and go even faster? Do you think Mary starts to become less fearful of life when she is with Rhage? Describe how Mary begins to lose her inhibitions while around Rhage.

Keep Calm and Kill Lessers2. “‘Say my name.’ ‘David,’ she whispered.’ When she hesitated, he pricked the skin of her neck with the tip of the blade. Her blood welled up and slid down the shiny metal. ‘Say it’” (115).

What is O’s fascination with his identity? Why would he need an affirmation from a prostitute he’s never met that she loves him and knows his real name? Is this need enough to kill for this affirmation going to hurt him later on?


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2 Responses to Discussion Questions Lover Eternal CHs 14 – 23

  1. Carleigh says:

    1) Mary had just been to the doctor earlier that evening and found out that she doesn’t have a long time to live. I think the idea of knowing that she doesn’t have a lot of time to live is making her take more advantage of the opportunities and if that means being in a really fast car with Rhage, then that is the risk she is going to take to really have fun in her last moments. Mary just seems to let loose when she’s with him – maybe it’s the idea that he has this bad guy thing going on and knows that she will be safe but can get out of her comfort zone with him, or the idea that they are such two completely different people that they balance each other out in a way, and he makes her have more fun in her life.

    2) O seems very conceited with his identity, especially since after the Omega where he has become much stronger. He cares deeply about his appearance – on page 113 he has a box of hair dye. We definitely see that he is crazy, and willing to be with any women that looked like Jessica as well as threatening to kill these women.


  2. Jhessyka V. says:

    1. Mary simply wants to forget about her cancer and her doctor’s appointment. Being in the car with Rhage makes her feel like a different person. I think that she wants to leave her cancer identity around Rhage simply because she knows that men like Rhage are never interested in her, so why not take advantage of the situation and live a little. Being around Rhage is a way for her to let go of her worries and be a new person; a healthy woman who gets the good-looking man. I think that this is the scene in which she realizes she has nothing to lose when being with Rhage because she knows she is going to die eventually due to the cancer.

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