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Discussion Questions The Sheik CHs 8 – 10

1. “Diana paused for a moment framed in the entrance, then, with head thrown back and swaggering, boyish stride, she moved across the thick rugs leisurely and halted in front of the chief, looking straight at him with haughty, curling … Continue reading

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Discussion Questions for Jane Eyre CHs 21-25

1. Jane was extremely happy that Rochester proposed to her, and yet she still felt uneasy about her upcoming marriage. Jane becomes discomforted when Rochester begins to spoil her with glorious things: “The more he bought me, the more my cheek … Continue reading

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Discussion Questions for Rebecca CHs 1 – 6

1. Many critics claim that Jane Eyre created a new genre: the feminist fairytale (86), a genre that combines the Cinderella myth with a feminist tract, but romance novel scholar Pamela Regis argues that this is just a “backhanded naming of the romance … Continue reading

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