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Discussion Questions Lord of Scoundrels CHs 1-5

1. “Her accents proclaimed her a lady. Worse–if there could be a worse species of humanity–she was, by the sounds of it, a bluestocking. Lord Dain had never before in his life met a female who’d even heard of an … Continue reading

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Discussion Questions Jane Eyre CHs 33 – 38

1. “One does not jump, and spring and shout hurrah! at hearing one has got a fortune; one begins to consider responsibilities and ponder business; on a base of steady satisfaction rise certain grave cares, and we contain ourselves, and brood … Continue reading

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Romance Novels: Fantasy versus Reality

One of the major themes that emerges from Reader, I Married Him: Happily Ever After documentary is the jarring contradiction between fantasy and reality. The documentary goes back and forth between what a romance novel provides (fantasy and escapism for … Continue reading

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Discussion Questions for Rebecca CHs 1 – 6

1. Many critics claim that Jane Eyre created a new genre: the feminist fairytale (86), a genre that combines the Cinderella myth with a feminist tract, but romance novel scholar Pamela Regis argues that this is just a “backhanded naming of the romance … Continue reading

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Discussion Questions Bridget Jones’s Diary April May June

Discussion Questions for Group 5: KF, MF, and SG 1. On Thursday, April 6th, Bridget starts writing about how she wants to start going with the flow. She says, “Flow, it seems the right thing to do, I will tell … Continue reading

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