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Discussion Questions The Sheik CHs 1 – 4

1. “By contrast the girl at his side appeared vividly alive. She was only of medium height and very slender, standing erect with the easy, vigorous carriage of an athletic boy, her small head poised proudly” ( 9). How does … Continue reading

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Discussion Questions for Jane Eyre CHs 11-15

1. Does Jane enjoy being a governess? Or did she use the occupation as a means to gain more freedom? Is there another reason she likes teaching? Is she willing to stay now that she knows Mrs. Fairfax is “a placid-tempered, … Continue reading

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Romance Novels: Fantasy versus Reality

One of the major themes that emerges from Reader, I Married Him: Happily Ever After documentary is the jarring contradiction between fantasy and reality. The documentary goes back and forth between what a romance novel provides (fantasy and escapism for … Continue reading

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Welcome to ENGH 202 Why Women Read Romance Spring 2013

Welcome to ENGH 202, Why Women Read Romance! If you are reading this post, you have found our course website. Please look over the site to get a sense of the course, the novels we will be reading, and the … Continue reading

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Welcome to the ENGH 202 Class Blog

Welcome to ENGL 202: Why Women Read Romance! This is our class blog, the online meeting place where I will post discussion questions for your class presentations, and where your classmates can respond to them in preparation for class. This … Continue reading

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